Thursday, September 27, 2012

Greatest Hits

It's been a long and busy summer in my heathen house, though you'd never know it if you read my blog. My heathen and I have been working on our adoption classes and homestudy since May. Our lives have been obsessed with the hurry up and wait game; paperwork and proof that we're decent enough humans to raise a child. Don't think we haven't had beautiful food in the meantime! I've even taken pictures---I've just not gotten around to writing or posting anything. Now that our homestudy has been approved, our base classes are completed, and our nursery is in the works of being decorated (I'm painting a mural! YAY!), I figure it's high time to get off my (seemingly lazy) rump and put up a few teasers....So my dearest readers, I will post a few pictures of some of my creations. Please feel feel to comment or email me as to which you'd like a full post about. My head is reeling from the possibilities.

Baked Gingery Asian wings
Baked turkey dim sum
Homemade Gravlax
My matzo brei

Homemade turkey breakfast sausage
21 clove salute wings

Sorta Bouillabase   
Forbidden  Greek lamb chops

Kentucky Jam cake with Caramel frosting
Healthy homemade pimento cheese sandwich
Pane di Pasta Dura

Baked Gefilte croquettes

Red Velvet cake with Neufchatel cheese frosting
Homestudy chicken
Cheater Paella

Pane di Latte e Zuccaro dragon

Challah horseshoe

Boar's bread


  1. Baked turkey dim sum and the Kentucky Jam cake with caramel sound amazing. recipes please?

  2. and one more from Brian, Homemade turkey breakfast sausage.